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February 6, 2011

Very Early Morning Update

I can't believe my weekend is almost over. *sigh* Where did it go and what have I done with it? Very frustrating.

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It was a gross week. We won't talk about the awfulness that was Thursday afternoon. I'm still angry about it, although I'm trying to let it go. I keep reminding myself that this is temporary. That soon...very soon in the grand scheme of things...all of this will be over and irrelevant. I have to remember that. This too shall pass, and if I can manage to keep swallowing, then it might lead me to somewhere or something better.

Matt helped Will and Tina get all of their stuff packed up to move it to Nashville. I am reminded that I have to get rid of things. Said as I spent a ton of money this weekend at TJ Maxx and Marshall's. (in my defense, I've needed things to go with my brown slacks...which is what I bought. Blue oxford, cream lace shirt, white shirt) However, last night as I was putting away my laundry, I found a few things that needed to go. I've got a few things in my laundry basket that I need to get rid of. Between now and June when Matt moves me home, I'm going to have to get rid of quite a bunch of stuff. There are things that I can't live without. There are things that I can. There are things I can get rid of because I have a few of them. Things that I haven't used in god know how long. I've got to go through the linen closet and my clothes. There's a lot right there that can go. Some of the decorative stuff that is sitting on top of my cabinets? I think it can go.

I suppose it really comes down to the thought that asking Matt to come here and help me move home is an imposition. I want to make it as easy as possible on him. He'll be doing me a huge favor, and I don't want to seem ungrateful by being insensitive to the fact that he's going to be doing a lot of work for me. the least I can do is make sure he only has to deal with my essentials. He said something about getting rid of my pots and pans. He's a funny guy. I could probably get rid of a lot of my stuff if I weren't going to be living by myself for awhile. But since I'm going to be on my own, I'm going to have to have all of those things that constitute a working household. Like my pots and pans. My couch and chairs. Both of the beds (because it's always good to have an extra bed for when someone comes to visit. It's happened for me here so yeah. Sorry, PA)

...and I have to say if it's just me and the PA loading the trailer when I move home, I'll be calling a temp agency or asking around in the apartment complex and getting a couple of folks here to help. It's not that I'm afraid of hard work. Hell...the Sner and I unloaded the truck by ourselves when I moved to MS. He and I could do it by ourselves, and it would probably take us half a day, which isn't bad. The bigger picture, though, is that it's about being considerate of him. He can do it, but he shouldn't have to. You know? When he gets here, I'll have everything ready to go. Stuff will be in boxes. Other things will be taken apart. From there it will just be deciding what goes in the trailer first and where we go from there.

I didn't run well this week. I'm hoping this coming week will be better. I'm going to get up in the morning and hit the pavement. If it's not raining.

Speaking of the morning, I'll be making my super bowl preparations. I'm having cream tacos and wings. I forgot to get beer when I was out yesterday, but I'll take care of that.

Went to the eye doctor today. They dilated my eyes, and it has been hell on me! I don't remember it being this bad in the past. I bet my pupils are still enormous. The eye doctor told me that they could use these digital images and wouldn't have to dilate my eyes, but the digital images were $30 more. No thanks. Then the girl checking me out was astonished that I didn't want to buy glasses today. I will be buying glasses since mine are 8 years old and beat up on top of the fact that my prescription has changed, but I wasn't ready to do it right then. Particularly since my insurance didn't cover my contact lens fitting. I spent $113 today, which got me a box of contacts. And let me say, that box of contacts pissed me off. The brand I've been wearing for 20 years is disappearing, which means it's increasingly difficult to get. The brand replacing them is $15-20 more per box. *sigh* That is all my paycheck can afford right now. Next paycheck will be the glasses.

More later. Going to bed now.

Last Updated February 6, 2011

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